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PEFC Certification

"Techniray's wood pellets are PEFC certified. In Malaysia, emphasis is not really placed on origins of the wood materials due to higher costings on the raw materials resulting from compliance costs e.g. many levels of paper work trackings, internal auditings, etc. Still, we take the initiatives to go through the whole PEFC requirement process, to add values to our products. This is because we believe the origins of the wood materials is one of the key factors that big entities are looking into now..." 

Our wood pellets are certified by SGS under Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schmes (PEFC) / 

Chain of Custody: SGS-MTCS/COC-0220 where the certification outlines the requirements for tracking wood based 

materials from forests to final products in order to ensure that these products are originated from certified forests 

which are sustainably managed by forest management. Sustainable forest management can contribute towards 

combatingclimate change through forests preservation which assures that the forest resources are well maintained or

enhanced, ensuring that carbon dioxide can be properly captured and stored for prevention of global warming.


PEFC Chain of Custody certification also offers assurances about the legality of forest products to customers throughout 

the supply chain where the certification is designed to prevent illegal wood from entering the production chain via its 

requirements on non-controversial sources as well as through third party auditing to verfiy system integrity.


Of course, areas like indigenous people and social issues, biodiversity and many more are taken into considerations 

under PEFC certification.

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