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About Us

Techniray Sdn Bhd (700341-A) is a subsidiary of Alma Rubber Estates Sdn Bhd and our group of companies started using biomass feeding for our internal industrial boiler since 2005.


Due to increasing concern over environmental issues, bio-fuel - wood pellet is playing a vital role in the biomass field, to be used as renewable energy as a substitute for carbon based fuel products, for co-firing purpose. 


With the raw materials we manage to secure in early stage, we are thinking that it is time to venture in this biomass business field as we see the time of biomass has come to mature. 


Our factory is well equipped with all necessary machineries and equipments for our wood pellets production. Being operation in a strategic area, such as near to the port (Penang Port) and with sufficient source of raw materials, we are confident that we are able to meet our customers' increasing demands as well as the required specifications.

Our Mission & Vission

Our country, Malaysia is blessed with many natural resources where we can enjoy them to a certain extend; at the same 

time, our country has also generated lots of agricultural residuals where we have the obligation to give back a little, for a better future with proper waste management, by turning these wastes into bio-fuels, rather than having 

these wastes disposed ineffectively or burnt inefficiently. 


Our continuing mission is to able to supply quality wood pellets that are guaranteed to be made from only clean, 

non toxic and sustainable materials which can fulfill the purpose of usage for all industries. We also look forward to penetrate wood pellet business in the Northern Region of Malaysia in near future.


Our company views green products as potentials for a better future, thus, we always look into possibilities of other green products to be undertaken and to be exercised in scale.  

" Where there's a will, there's a way..."
" Techniray, PEFC certified wood pellets manufacturer in Malaysia..."
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